Practical Skills for Leading Change


Practical Skills for Leading Change

In this fourth course, you will build your leadership skills and strengthen your personal effectiveness. You will learn essential skills for influencing others, communicating effectively and managing resistance to gender change initiatives

Course Details

Start Date

Jul 15, 2022

Application Deadline

Jul 10, 2022


31 days



Curriculum Outline

Module 1

Change leadership mindset

Learning outcomes:  

  1. Identify the components of change leadership
  2. Identify the mindset of change leaders
  3. Examine ways to develop a change leader mindset 

Module 2

Leading and influencing others

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe leadership for gender change
  2. Identify the personal qualities, skills and attitudes of leaders
  3. Explain how leaders influence others 

Module 3

Communicating for impact

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify the key components of effective communication 
  2. Explain ways to communicate in an organisational settings
  3. Describe how to assess the impact of organisational communication

Module 4

Managing resistance and removing barriers

Learning outcomes:

  1. List and explain barriers to organisational change
  2. Identify and address resistance to gender change
  3. Explain how to remove barriers and manage resistance to gender change