Organisations and Gender


Organisations and Gender

In this second course, you will build your understanding of the gendered nature of organisations and how this relates to gender inequality. You will explore the consequences of gender inequality and gain a deeper appreciation of why there is a need for change. You will also be challenged to explore bringing about that change.

Course Details

Start Date

Jul 15, 2022

Application Deadline

Jul 10, 2022


31 days



Curriculum Outline

Module 1

Understanding gender in organisations

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe the relationship of gender and organisational culture  
  2. Explain gender as a form of capital in organisations 
  3. Explain how gender is wired into the everyday functioning of organisations 

Module 2

Deep structures of organisations and gender

Learning outcomes:

  1. Define and describe deep structure 
  2. Identify how deep structure operates in society and in organisations  
  3. Identify key elements of deep structure in organisations 

Module 3

The opportunity cost of gender inequality

Learning outcomes:

  1. Define opportunity cost  
  2. List the opportunity costs of gender inequality  
  3. Describe strategies to reduce gender inequality 

Module 4

The role of gender equality changemakers

Learning outcomes:

  1. Recognise the personal aspect of gender equality work
  2. Describe the organisational culture 
  3. List  important gender change interventions