Frameworks for Gender and Organisational Change


Frameworks for Gender and Organisational Change

In this third course, you will learn key theoretical frameworks for gender change. You will explore practices and actions that you can take to address gender inequality in your organisation. You will also gain practical knowledge and tools for planning and managing gender change initiatives.

Course Details

Start Date

Sep 9, 2022

Application Deadline

Sep 4, 2022


31 Days



Curriculum Outline

Module 1

Gender at Work framework

Learning outcomes:

  1. Explain the context of the Gender at Work framework   
  2. Briefly describe the Gender at Work framework  
  3. Differentiate the Gender at Work quadrants  

Module 2

Organisational gender audit

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe gender mainstreaming as a tool for change 
  2. Describe gender-climate analysis as a tool for change 
  3. Describe gender equality training as a tool for change 

Module 3

Gender change interventions and actions

Learning outcomes:

  1. Locate organisational gender audit in context 
  2. Identify key focus areas in an organisational gender audit 
  3. Describe how to conduct a gender audit in organisations 

Module 4

Change and project management for gender equality

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify features of gender-sensitive project management 
  2. Explain how gender change interventions fits into the project management cycle 
  3. Discuss key concepts in the implementation of gender-sensitive project management