The Gender Equality Changemakers Programme aims to mobilise a league of gender equity champions across the Global South. The 5 part programme is an immersive learning experience which will equip you with the knowledge, tools, attitudes and practice needed to undertake gender equality change projects, ignite change in your organisation, and beyond that, have a significant impact in addressing inequalities at a systems level.

This programme is taking the gender equity conversation in Africa to new and exciting places. It calls for people who are brave and willing to take risks: to ask difficult questions and explore new terrain. If you are this person, then this programme is for you.



Take certified courses focused on leading gender transformative change, designed by renowned experts and thought leaders.


Build your knowledge, gain applicable skills, and tap into the confidence you need to improve your organisation and advance gender equality in your sector.


Courses are offered online and delivered through a combination of self-directed work and interactive faculty-led live sessions.


Programme Architecture

This programme has two distinct tracks, one for gender equality changemakers and one for gender equality champions.

For the Changemakers

Five consecutive courses designed for female or male senior and mid-level managers or professionals in the private, public, development or NGO sector who have the drive and initiative to advance gender equality in their organisation.




For the Champions

A standalone course for Senior Level Executives (C-Suite) who wish to become gender champions in their organisations. The Leading Equitable Organisations course guides students through personal reflection and authentic dialogue among peers on gender issues and the practice of leadership, helping them uncover how they can foster more equitable organisations.


My learning experience with the Digital Frontiers Institute has been seamless and insightful given the practical nature of the training and the use of case study scenarios to bring the various concepts to live. The diversity of participants brought to bear the many rich discussions and new perspectives of global gender trends.

Alfred Kojo Yeboah

Regional Director at Grameen Foundation, Ghana

This is an excellent course. Insightful, well-conceived, relevant, and interactive. Easily the best course on integrating gender into the organization I have taken so far; thanks to the relevant way it has been designed and the qualitative content. I’ll absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to understand the impact of gender and how it shapes the world around them.

Aminah Jasho

Founder of un-mothering the Woman (UTW), Kenya

My experience with the DFI team and other learners was very transformational, the interactive learning approach equipped me with practical insights on gender issues as experienced in different cultures, workplaces, and countries. The knowledge gained gave me the much-needed confidence to effectively participate in gender mainstreaming initiatives in my community, workplace and within my sphere of influence.

Sorensen Takunda Mazhanga

Agribusiness Relationship Officer, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Zimbabwe

GEC Programme has impacted our work with vulnerable groups like children, women, people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS who are seeking free legal services. We now know how to prioritise their cases, push for justice and treat them in a better way using the gender lens during mediations, negotiations and litigations.

Abwot Ruth Patience

Project Assistant, Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD), Uganda

I love the quizzes, the breakout room discussions, and the networking opportunities! This course is simply amazing, and I will entreat all – Women and Men alike to join so together, we change the world and make it a better place for us all!

Dr. Loretta Sarpong

Head of Women’s Desk, Ecobank Ghana Limited, Ghana

The GEC program has had a very positive impact on my life. I am able to communicate my messages better because I have a better understanding of how deep structure in an organisation can lean towards gender inequality. I am honoured to be able to notice subtle injustices in the workplace and address them in a coherent manner because the GEC Programme has empowered me with so much knowledge

Sheila Monica Makonde

Technical Specialist, Environmental Compliance at Abt Associates, Zambia